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     TangoLatinJazz - Drums & Piano Session

TANGOFUSION, Tango with the influence of Astor Piazzolla, Candombe, and Music from Sudamerica mixed with Jazz, give an unbelevable combination of Rhythms. Among the festivals in which they have performed are: Glasgow Jazz Festival, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Festival Si Cuba, —supporting Compay Segundo from Buena Vista Social Club—, Rudolstadt Festival, Bath Intarnational Festival — England—, Belfast International Festival —Northern Irland— , Jazz Mile — Germany—, Milano a Cielo Aperto — Italy— and more.

Javier Chernicoff works in this project with Osvaldo Belmonte –Argentina–, who has performed as well in Argentina and Europe; Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, and more.
The Duo Belmonte-Chernicoff TangoLatinJazz makes music from “Rio de la Plata” — Argentina and Uruguay— like the most important direction of the repertoire, But Tangos — Instrumental with Improvisation— , Latin Jazz —Brasilian–, Afrocuban with Impro—, Candombe —Uruguay—, and some songs, that Javier Chernicoff and Osvaldo Belmonte sing are included as well in the repertoire.

The audience plays as well an important roll, they make differents interactions with the duo like playing percussion with hands or even singing.—

Chernicoff-Belmonte Chernicoff-Belmonte in concert

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